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Knightowl f/ Brenton Wood I Got it Bad Over You lyrics
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Knightowl f/ Brenton Wood
I Got it Bad Over You lyrics

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[Brenton Wood]
Let's talk
Put your arms around me
I like that
Got it goin' on
Dun, dun, dun
You make
Me feel, so good

(Verse 1)
Everybody know that I
Love you, my baby
I just can't stop thinkin' of you, foxy lady
Come kiss me
Hold me, I really want you to show me
The way that you feel, that the love, we have is real
Nobody has ever made me feel the things that I feel for you
Cause I love you
And without you, I'm nothin', give me some of that good
Some kissin' and huggin', let my hands do a little
Let's make love in the shower, baby doll, little back
Scrubbin', it's you
And me, one-on-one
Havin' fun, and I'm not gonna stop, I won't quit til I'm
I know that you love me, but you trip because
I'm a gangsta
I'm sure that everybody know how I be, I can never be a
Cause I'm sick up in the mind, never play, baby, gimme little
I'm a keep loving you until I die, baby, til the end of
Por siempre, te quiero, te amo
Te adoro, tu seras para mi, corazon, tu eres mi

Chorus: Brenton Wood
I got it bad over you
I can't believe
How I feel
I ain't never
In my life
That I feel so right
I got to have you girl
Loving you and then

Break: Brenton Wood
You make me feel like a fool
Sometimes I feel
That ain't cool
There's just words that I heard
You gon' kick me
To the curve
It's a bad thing, baby
Cause actions speak louder than words
Oooh, baby
Oooh, yeah
Things that you do to me, baby
Oh, yeah
La, da-da, da-da, da
Oooh, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
I know you gotta be the one
Sexy little mama
I got it so bad over you, why the drama
Come hold me
Kiss, let me know that you really miss me
Don't go, let me love you, girl, I'm thinking of you
I never thought that I would meet a girl
That'll make me feel the way that I do
Make me see them things that I do
Girl, you know that I'm in
Love, and I gotta have you in my life
It is you that I need, you're my sugar and spice
I don't need no other lady
It is you that I want, baby
And I really gotta have you now, cause if not, Don gonna go crazy
No puerdo estar solo sin ti, cause I love you
Do I gotta say it once again, I'm a never put anyone above you
Nobody comes close
I'm loving you the most
Only wanna be with you, and I'm a get, rid of them other hoes
Porque si supieras cuanto yo te quiero
Por ti, yo me muevo y tu siempre primero

Repeat Chorus

[Brenton Wood]
You make me feel like I want to be
Baby, baby
Hey, baby
You got a low cha-cha
Girl, you make me
Go, down, yeah
Touch me here, once
Make sweet love with me
Come on, baby
Yeah, I like that
Show me how much
You in love with me
Ah, babe
Ah, babe

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