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Led Zeplin Planet Asia Freestyle lyrics
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Led Zeplin
Planet Asia Freestyle lyrics

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[Planet Asia]
Planet Asia Ya
Cali Agent number 2
Combo in the house
Yo, yo, yo
Check it out now
I keep rhymes on course retardedly smart with fine printed
Sheets folded a book of such pages a nine-inch octavo
Its cultural warfare with shots fired rapidly
Cats plastically resign drastically
C'mon up in the house you got the mic
Veterans like better than all your favorite rappers
Guess I'm bout to make some cheddar than ya
Should fall abrupt when the measurement starts
I spit bars and 24 and cut vocals without editing
I'm long-winded styles intrigue through these
Vacuum lungs although my family be toking major trees
My performance powerful these beats got me spiting Frank Sanatra
And wildin out on bank accountants this chronic slaughter
Ionic orders Doric down the novel to the face I lace cats with the
Prehistoric medical metaphoric assorted for clientele
My whole crew circulating just like Japanese tourists
And I clap emcee's forest
Know what I'm sayin
I stays blunted with about a hundred thousand courses
And crush more baby up those stats
I use to bust flows back in the day I'll probably rush you
Like F' those raps pitch black spittin in the park
Seven deeper from the benches triple loaded in the dark
I stated knowin that my glow in the dark was bright
From then on I was able to rock the mic
An ordinary from yours
Legendary till you bury your sword marry our brad
Scary how I carry the cord
I'm very applaud
I'm heavy like a 70's Ford
For the cheddy & I'm ready for war

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